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OurĀ Sesamis: The world’s first mentioned Energy Bar, with 3000 years of history behind it!


Made of the finest quality of mediterranean honey, mixed with deliciously roasted whole sesame seeds. Nothing else.

Excellent source of Calcium, Copper, Manganese, and a good source of Magnesium. Iron and Zinc are also present, all naturally there because of the quality of the organic ingredients and the careful hand-crafting.

What we are about

nogmoNo GMO Ingredients

Possible damage to human health: unknown.
Impact on the environment: already showing.
We know our sources well.

No GMO ingredients, ever.

madewithloveMade with love

Big part of our preparation is done by hand, caringly.
We are a small company of dedicated friends.
We make sure you can love our products like we do.

We make snacks we want to eat!

Leaf80pxTasty and Natural

Natural doesn’t have to be bland.
Tasty doesn’t have to be bad for you.
We use only ingredients we can pronounce.

We bring forward nature’s own best tastes.

100organic72px100% Organic Ingredients

They have better taste.
They are healthier.
Organic agriculture is crucial for the planet.

Only Organic ingredients. Always